Windsor Park Lakes

Windsor Park Lakes is an amazing suburban community situated in Houston, Texas. The median real estate price for this Houston area is $542,915, higher than 87.9% of communities across Texas and 75.5% across the United States.

The average monthly rental price for Windsor Park Lakes is $2,044. The average monthly rental cost in this Houston neighborhood is higher than 78.6% of the communities across Texas.

In case you’re looking for a suburban community to call home in Houston, TX, then be sure to check out Windsor Park Lakes. Regardless of whether you’re considering buying or renting, this neighborhood has a lot to offer.

The community of Windsor Park Lakes is a neighborhood made up of primarily large to medium-sized single-family homes as well as beautiful apartment complexes or high-rise apartments. Most residents in this beautiful community own their homes, and many of these residences are relatively new, having been constructed between 1970 and 1999. There are also various other newer residences that were constructed after 2000.

This Houston neighborhood is known for its lovely lakes, which provide a peaceful and scenic setting. Additionally, residents here enjoy easy access to nearby shopping and dining destinations. Overall, Windsor Park Lakes is a wonderful place to call home.

If getting a little exercise while decreasing your carbon footprint sounds appealing is the idea, then the answer might be bicycling to work. However, the feasibility of this option depends on which neighborhood you live in. The Windsor Park Lakes community is an ideal option for bicycle commuters, as 21 percent of its residents commute by bike on a daily basis. This is higher than found in 99.9 percent of communities across America.

Windsor Park Lakes is a neighborhood notable for its high cluster of married couples, with 99% of all residents being married. Whether or not they have school-aged kids, married couples are the dominant group in Windsor Park Lakes. This may be appealing to singles looking for a similar lifestyle and interests, but it may be difficult to meet other singles in the area.

Once it comes to wealth, the Windsor Park Lakes neighborhood is in a class all by itself – and residents here know it. This area is wealthier than 98.6% of other American neighborhoods. That puts it in the top 1% when it comes to affluence.

Windsor Park Lakes is also a neighborhood perfect for executives and urban sophisticates. It is rated among the best choices for executive lifestyles in Texas. The majority of the adults in this neighborhood are wealthy and educated professionals who own stately homes. Their careers keep them busy, but they are able to live comfortably.

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