Why It Sometimes Need to be Soft When the Cleaning is Tough – Softwashing Your Roof

Your Roof makes your home a shelther. It covers you from whatever may fall from the sky: sun rays, rain, snow, hail rain, thunder bolts, birds’ poops, stones thrown by jerks, stray bullets, asteroids, meteorites and even a UFO landing. Extremes or not, everybody agrees that a roof is super duper, ultra, extremely important in our lives – so as it’s maintenance. Of course we would want our dear roofs to stay alive and kicking whatever falls from above.

If humans need nutrition and love to keep surviving this world, roofs need nurturing and love too – and it must not be hard, instead it must be soft and gentle, like the care we would always want. If you now feel that your dear roof needs tender loving care, then having it softwashed is the best way to gently express your love.

As the name implies, softwashing does not use hard pressures unlike pressure washers, but it cleans as mighty as pressure washers. The idea is that, not all kinds of dirts can be removed brutally, some needs a discreet and sly technique. Softwashing is perfect for roofs, first of all, because the common roof dirts are microbes or an organic kind that cannot be killed brutally by pressure washers. In fact, pressure washing them can only worsen them because pressure washing is perfect for non organic dirts such as rust, oil, chemicals, grease and minerals. Second, softwashing equipment is not as noisy as pressure washers. You would want peace of mind while someone is cleaning above there. Another great thing about this type of equipment is that, it is environmental friendly. It saves earth’s water because it only use 1/3 of the water the pressure washer uses.

ViperTech Mobile Pressure Wash uses a special blend of chemicals that lifts the dirt, algae, black mold, and mildew from your roof with out using high pressure. High Pressure will destroy your shingles. In order to clean a roof and make it look brand new again for the 1/3 of the cost of buying a new one, it takes a professional.

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