University Place

University Place is an up-and-coming urban neighborhood situated in Houston, Texas area, that has seen abundant growth over the past few years. The city’s density makes it one place you won’t want to miss out on.

University Place is an exclusive, high-end urban neighborhood in Houston, TX. The median price of homes in this Houston area is $1M+ which makes it more costly than 98.7 percent of all other neighborhoods across Texas as well as 95% nationwide.

The University Place neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for an expensive, high-cost of living area. The average rental price in this community currently stands at $3178, which translates into a rental rate higher than 97.5 percent of all neighborhoods across Texas.

The neighborhood of University Place is a great community for those seeking to buy their first home or investment property. The area has medium-sized homes, which range from three-bedroom apartments all the way down into studio situations; there really isn’t anything that fits every person’s needs here.

This Houston neighborhood is also an ideal community to reside in if you’re looking for something different. It has multiple options when it comes down to choosing your housing situation, whether that means living in an apartment complex or someone’s home, with the added bonus being proximity to both schools and parks.

The University Place neighborhood is a perfect example of what can happen when you mix new construction and old buildings. With so many homes being purchased by their residents, it’s no wonder that the area has experienced such growth in recent years.

University Place is a very academically inclined neighborhood, with over 90% of its residents having received at least 4 years’ worth of higher education. In fact, this rate surpasses even some highly populated cities since it is higher than 99.8 percent of all U.S. communities.

The University Place community is among the wealthiest in America, not to mention it has some really great amenities. You’ll find that very few communities can compete with this community when you’re considering wealth and quality. The schools here are as well top-notch, so if your child needs more than just good academics, then they will be provided for by both the public school system as well as private prep schools, which makes parenting easier since there’s no need to figure out how each institution works separately.

University Place is a beautiful neighborhood with an executive/managerial workforce that’s higher than average. This means there are many people who work at high levels of responsibility and discerning, which makes this area really stand out from others around America.

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