Southgate is a great urban community situated in Houston, Texas. It’s located on higher ground and has more amenities than most other areas around town. The population of Southgate is comparable to that found in many other cities and towns across America, making it an excellent place for families looking for amenities without having too much noise or traffic around them.

The Southgate neighborhood is among the most expensive communities in Texas, with a median real estate price that exceeds $1,148,000, which is higher than 99 percent of neighborhoods within Texas and 96% nationwide.

The neighborhood of Southgate is a popular location for renters. The average monthly rental price in this area currently stands at $2,080, higher than 79% of all other neighborhoods across Texas.

The Southgate community is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking for a high cost of living with amenities that are second only to downtown Houston. This Houston community is worth the cost if you want to be close enough so that your kids can go to school or work without too much trouble when they’re commuting back home after hours.

The Southgate neighborhood is a great community to reside in if you’re considering something between downtown living and the hustle of midtown. You’ll find here small apartments that offer more privacy alongside four-story high-rise buildings with luxurious views from every window. The neighborhood Southgate is a diverse community that includes both small apartments for single people or couples as well as large homes with multiple bedrooms.

The Southgate neighborhood has a variety of housing options for those looking to live in an established community with newer homes. Many residences are owner-occupied while others are renter-occupied, making this area popular among families who want both affordability and convenience proximity living close to major roads.

The Southgate community is high- indicative of the character and culture in the U.S. With 88% of the population employed as executives or professionals, it’s no wonder this area has such an upscale feel – there aren’t many places where you can find more people who know their way around to make sure everything runs smoothly here.

The Southgate neighborhood is an excellent place for college students, with its walkability and safety making it perfect during semesters or when studying abroad. While there may be some noise from bars close by, in addition to the seasonal changes that come with being near a university campus (plus all those fun parties!), parents can rest easy knowing their children will have great experiences here due to both these factors as well as how rates among top 2% highest rated neighborhoods around Texas.

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