Soft Wash House Washing Houston, Texas

Soft washing house cleaning method

Can be described as a method of washing the house without applying pressure or power. In most cases, many contract house cleaners use pressure or power cleaning method. In Houston, Kingwood and Humble Texas, soft washing is a preferred house cleaning method.. Most of the clients that we speak too, however are not well conversant with this method. It has been believed that pressure and power washing have been known to damage the surfaces like paints, vinyl and wood if it is not handled with a lot of care.

In Houston, Humble and Kingwood, Texas, a custom made soft washing system which comprises of chemical solution and a low pressure system that is used. This method has proven to be non abrasive and also very gentle but very efficient. In a soft washing system, no high pressure is applied in the soft washing system. The cleaning contents largely contain solution of algae-cides, mildew-cides and surfactants.

The mixing of these solutions is done depending on the surface to be cleaned. The first thing done is applying the solution on the surface to kill any fungi, mold, algae or even mildew. The surface is then rinsed in hot water. All plants and land scalping is taken care of by thorough fully being soaked down or covered completely with plastic if need be. This method has changed the cleaning industry by permitting the application of a chemical solution that has been carefully metered to building surfaces.

The spray and kill technique is the basis of soft washing. Soft washing in Houston, Humble and Kingwood, Texas has been and will continue to remain the application of chemical to kill foreign invaders. This chemical does not only killing but also cleaning of the surfaces where it is applied. During cleaning, no pressure is needed. Low pressure is only required during application of chemicals. As the chemicals penetrate on the surface, cleaning automatically takes place.

This method is the most recommended by experts in cleaning the exteriors. It is safer compared to application of pressure. The outcome is also superb. However, when cleaning concrete, it is highly recommended that you choose high pressure.

Point to note- the only way of improving and maintaining the cleanliness and the attractiveness of your property is to keep the roof and the exterior properly cleaned. Algae is responsible for the streaks and the blackened areas that you see on your roof that makes it appear dirty.

Having gone through procedures of soft wash house cleaning it is believed that you are now armed with knowledge that will assist you in choosing the best method in house cleaning.

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