River Oaks Area

The exclusive River Oaks Area community is home to some of Houston’s most expensive real estate. The median price for this area at $3,722,557 exceeds that found in 99.9% of all communities across America and nearly every neighborhood across Texas.

The rent in this Houston neighborhood is sky-high. The average monthly rental price here has been $1,992 as of recently, and that’s higher than 76.8 percent of all other neighborhoods across Texas.

In case you’re looking for a beautiful area that has it all, River Oaks is the perfect spot. It’s located in Houston, TX area, and based on its population density; there are plenty of things to do when not at work or school.

The River Oaks Area neighborhood is an amazing community to call home if you’re considering large homes with plenty of space. Most residents live in these types of properties, which average between four and five bedrooms per household. Some apartments also come at various price ranges; whether your budget leans toward low or high costs, there will be an option perfectly suited just right waiting on the other side.

The River Oaks Area neighborhood primarily has three- or four-bedroom single-family houses that come in many different styles, from traditional brick veneer construction up to luxury detached mansions.

The homes in the River Oaks Area are an interesting mix of ages, with many being older and well established. There is also a sprinkling that was constructed between 1940-1969, which makes for some great architecture.

The River Oaks Area neighborhood is home to an elite group of people, with executives, managers, and professionals making up 80.7%, accounting for a higher proportion than most other neighborhoods across America (99.4%).

Living in the River Oaks Area community is a dream come true for executives, managers, and professionals. With such high rates of employment compared to other neighborhoods across America, it’s no wonder this area has such an impressive population.

The people in this Houston community are some of the wealthiest and most fortunate around. They live a life where they can afford luxury items such as Mercedes cars, Audi’s, or BMWs while maintaining their value over time thanks to how well-maintained everything is here! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for public schools either because residents prefer sending kids off to prep schools instead, so even though it may not be perfect, there’ll always be something just right waiting for your children when they grow up.

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