Quality Customer Service in Human Anatomy

Customer Service quality is the heart. If Sales are the lifeblood of a business. Blood won’t be able to transport throughout the body if there’s nothing pumping it – as no one will avail your products and services without something that push customers, aside from urgent need.

It is already cliché to discuss the essence of quality customer service. Businesses all over the world defined as either made or failed because of their various ways of doing it. As a young veteran turned entrepreneur, I can say, quality customer service execution is present (or must be present) in our own body.

Brain – It is not all about thinking how to provide them best possible service, but understanding what is the best treatment or approach that will fit their personalities and needs. Do they like to be always updated? Do they feel being pestered by promotional stints?

Eyes – It is not being very attentive because you see customers as dollar sign. Look at them not according to their financial status and number of connections. See them as all humans, I believe, they will see you more than a provider in return.

Heart – It is not just “after-care” but for me it is “real care”. After care for me sounds like an obligation that you must address customers’ needs and inquiries. Real care is giving them what they deserve considering they have invested in you, not money but trust.

Limbs – in this part, I relate quality customer service in terms of my own services offered – cleaning services by ViperTech. More than assuring customers that I use fail-proof equipment, I also assure them our arm and leg power plus stamina in pressure washing. Removing dirt adds to our morale.

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