About Power Washing, Power Washing Purposes and Power Washing Soaps

Power washing is a system of cleaning which uses mechanical equipment to create a high pressure stream of water ejected from a hand-held nozzle. It is used for cleaning different surfaces & objects. Power washing may be applied for the following purposes :

• Building exterior
• Driveways
• Gas stations
• Heavy Equipment
• Parking Lots
• Roofs
• Sidewalks
• Vehicle fleets etc.

Soaps are used as cleaning agents in power washing purposes. Soaps that are used in power washers works only at a lower pressure when the detergent setting is turned on. Therefore, instead of strong jet, soapy water is applied in a gentle fan. There are many cleaners available in the market. But the soap needs to be selected on the basis of what needs to be cleaned.

There are various formulas for commercial power washer’s soaps. Some of them work well on brick masonries, some are best suited for wood brighteners for stained sidings, rest are good for aluminum objects. Power washing with laundry detergent is recommended by The Vinyl Siding Institute. Before using, the laundry detergent needs to be diluted. Before adding it to the dispenser it is needed to be completely dissolved in water.

To power wash landscape timbers & decking Karcher soap may be used. Most dirt and grime can be removed through power washing. Adding soap reduces the amount of time required for cleaning purpose. Bleach should not be used in a power washer. It’ll damage rubber & plastic parts of the washer. To protect exposure to cleaning chemicals protective eye and hand covering has to be used.

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