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If you have a Deck at your Home, chances are someone with muddy feet has walked on it and it most likely drives you crazy trying to clean it. The truth of the matter is that overtime this creates a stain in the wood. The only true way to clean it out is to Power Wash it. We recommend that no one tries to Pressure Wash their deck or fence themselves because it is very easy to cut through wood with any Power Washing Machine.

Pressure Washers are very effective and without the proper understanding of how to use one, it can be very damaging. Call a Professional. But make sure the company or person you hire is the right fit for your Power Washing Needs.

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Cleaning Hours : 1-3 Hours
Number of Cleaners : 1 or 2 Cleaners
Visiting Hours : 09.00am – 06.00pm
Contact : 832 374 7235
E-mail : info@vtmobilepressurewash.com


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