Oil Stains from the Concrete: Let It Go

“Oil Stains from the Concrete”

Removing oil traces even in plates and other kitchen wares is such a hard task. What more in concrete? Knowing its rough surface where oil stains can penetrate, making you unable to clean it by just wiping with trusted cleaning agents.

I know you badly want it to let it go because you can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go. Turn away and slam the door – know now what’s the kept secret of letting go oil stains.

Muscle power isn’t enough. It needs some heating, steaming and aiding by steam pressure washer and TSP.

Steam pressure washers are used by specialized cleaning heroes in removing stubborn sticky oils and as the other stain-causing substances from grease, meat fats, crude and construction chemicals. We all know that water alone is not enough so a steam pressure washer does the trick: it heats water more than 200 degrees, and then the strong pressure makes it able to vaporize the surface and melts the stains. Since its main feature is heat, steam pressure washers are also used to melt the ice and sanitize surfaces.

Another kept secret is TSP or Trisodium Phosphate. This is an inorganic compound that will become alkaline if mixed with water. TSP effectively cleans almost everything, from clothes (also an ingredient of bleach) to concrete. Because of this, being a side kick of steam pressure washers become its main role in cleaning.

Learning these things, the oil will never bother you anyway. Let it go!

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