Meyerland is a beautiful and serene neighborhood in Houston, TX. This beautiful community is home to many families and offers an easy-going lifestyle with its quiet streets lined by trees that offer shade from the summer sun as well as winter clouds overhead during rainstorms or snowfall days.

Amenities in this Houston neighborhood include churches on every corner alongside coffee shops where people can get their caffeine fix while meeting up over conversation topics such as politics or current events happening abroad; schools serving students through sixth grade before they head off into higher education facilities located within walking distance away (or parents who work long shifts); tennis courts offering those looking for exercise options another way of staying healthy besides just running outside all day.

Meyerland is a great place to live if you’re considering privacy and luxury. Unfortunately, the neighborhood’s median real estate price of $670,441 makes it more expensive than 92% of Texas neighborhoods as well as 82% nationwide.

The Meyerland neighborhood in Houston is among the most expensive neighborhoods to rent. The average monthly rental price here currently stands at $3,031, and it’s higher than 96 percent of all other areas within Texas.

The picturesque Meyerland area is home to many single-family homes with medium-sized and large size properties. The majority of these beautiful houses have 3- or 4- bedrooms, making them perfect for families.

The neighborhood of Meyerland is an older, well-established area that was originally built between 1940 and 1969. Many houses in this part of town can be found with creaky floors and outdated fixtures, which are perfect for those residents who want the simplicity offered by their home but don’t need any unnecessary distractions or modern amenities such as LED lights instead of old-fashioned ones they may not even work anymore.

The city of Houston is a hub for commerce and culture, with many different neighborhoods to explore. The Meyerland area, in particular, has some beautiful older homes that can be found mostly on single-family streets, which are perfect if you’re looking for something picturesque or family-friendly

The folks of Meyerland are doing it right. They’re more likely to be married than people in other neighborhoods, and their percentage is even higher when you compare them with all American cities at 68%.

Meyerland is a neighborhood where 100% of its amazing residential real estate is single-family homes. This makes it among only a handful of neighborhoods across America with such high proportions.

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