Memorial is a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood in Houston with many parks and green spaces. Memorial is also an amazing suburban area to reside in the Houston area, with plenty of things going on all at once. You’ll never be bored with this Houston neighborhood because there are so many different places for you to explore while still being close to your friends, who may come into play from time to time as well.

The Memorial community is among the most expensive neighborhoods in Texas. The median real estate price here reaches up to $1.013M – higher than 98.1% of the communities across Texas and 93.7% across the U.S. – which will make your mouth water if you’re looking at homes around this beautiful area.

The cost of renting in this Houston neighborhood is considerably higher than in most other Texas communities. The average monthly rental price here currently stands at $3,941 – higher than 99% of other areas around Texas – and will go up or down depending on your desired location within the city limits.

The neighborhood of Memorial is a great place to reside if you’re seeking nice large homes with multiple rooms. From four-bedroom properties all the way down to three-bedroom townhomes, this area has something that will suit any family’s needs.

Memorial is also among the most sought-after neighborhoods in Houston. The area has older, well-established homes that were constructed between 1940 and 1969, with others being built between 1970 – 1999 as well. This Houston community is home to a mix of diverse types and ages of residential properties. Many are owner-occupied, while others have been converted into condos or apartments in recent years

The Memorial area residents are in an enviable situation. This wealthy Houston neighborhood has weathered economic downturns better than most places, and its inhabitants have suffered less during difficult periods thanks to a large amount of wealth concentrated here–even when compared with other Americans.

Here’s a fun fact: The Memorial neighborhood has more married couples than 99.7% of all U.S neighborhoods. Whether they have school-aged children or not, these homes are usually shared by two people who love each other very much and want to spend as much time together while also raising their kids properly too (or at least trying). If you’re single, then this spot might be tough for your dating game because there just aren’t many other singles around but don’t worry—you’ll eventually find yourself merry ever after living here with someone special someday soon enough.

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