Klein is an unincorporated village in Harris County, located near The Woodlands, Texas, United States, and is roughly bordered by Texas State Highway 99 to the north, Texas State Highway 249 to the west, Interstate 45 to the east, and the city of Houston to the south. Klein is located in the state of Texas. It encompasses the entirety of the Klein Independent School District. Klein is not just one of the most culturally varied areas in Houston, but it is also one of the largest unincorporated communities.

It was given his name in honor of Adam Klein, a German immigrant, the most famous great-great-grandson of whom is the singer Lyle Lovett. Actor Jim Parsons, actor Lee Pace, actor Matthew Bomer, actress Lynn Collins, actress Sherry Stringfield, singer-songwriter Derek Webb, songwriter Aaron Tate, singer-songwriter Chase Hamblin, actor Ben Rappaport, Major League Baseball players David Murphy and Josh Barfield, National Football League players Randy Bullock, Ashton Youboty, and Mike Green (running back), and Olympic gold medalists Laura Wilkinson, Simone Biles, and Chad Hedrick are all famous native

David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport is one of the few privately owned airports in the United States to have a Federal Aviation Administration control tower. This airport also serves as the base for the Delta Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. Klein is served by this airport.

The city of Klein has a climate that is classified as humid subtropical and has a hardiness zone of 9a. Hurricanes and floods are possible in this region of the country. As an extension of the Western Gulf coastal grasslands, this region acts as a fringe ecocline barrier between the Piney Woods, the southern post oak savanna, and prairie land. A significant portion of the natural ecology had been modified to accommodate agricultural activities. Since that time, the neighborhood has been swiftly developed through the construction of subdivisions, businesses, and mixed land use; as a result, only a small portion of the area still possesses its original ecosystem.

The majority of the core Klein area is located between Willow Creek to the northwest and Spring Creek to the north. Cypress Creek is the canal that runs through the middle of the broader Klein area. Tomball is located to the northwest of Willow Creek. Both of these creeks eventually flow into Lake Houston, which is located near the headwaters of lower Spring Creek in Harris County, Texas. The area around Cypress Creek is comprised of a variety of uses, including older undeveloped bottomland forest, private residences, and well-maintained bike routes that wind through public parks.

In and around the Raveneaux Country Club and Klein High School, as well as in public spaces like Meyer Park, there are areas that have a prairie-like appearance due to the prevalence of oak trees (Quercus virginiana) and other types of hardwood trees. Spanish moss covers the trees. The Klein Kissing Tree is in Klein. The Texas A&M Forest Service recognized it as a historic “kissing tree” in the state in April of 2020. It is one of several such trees in the state.

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