Katy VFW Museum

Katy VFW Museum is a Katy, Texas based museum that is dedicated to preserving the history and artifacts of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization. The museum houses a collection of artifacts from all wars in which the United States has been involved, as well as a research library and archives. The museum is open to the public for tours and educational programs.

Features of Katy VFW Museum

The Price of Freedom

The first thing you see when you enter the building is a corridor with rooms splitting off of it. The names of the deceased are written on a sizable board in the hallway. People pay tribute to their loved ones, or in the case of former President George H.W. In Bush’s, he recognized his shipmate who was killed in battle. Everyone should remember that freedom is never free. 

General Patton Room

From the Revolutionary War to the present, there are exhibits in the General Patton Room that cover every conflict in which our nation has participated. Visitors can study in this room by reading books, listening to recordings, and even watching movies.

Legacy Room

The Legacy Room is found across the hall from the General Patton Room. Each branch of the military is represented in this room, which also contains a wide variety of artifacts, uniforms, medals, all types of weapons, and other pieces of hardware that have been used in both combat and peacekeeping missions. Many images also provide a visual narrative. Pictures and artifacts are accompanied with information printed on the back. 

Medal of Honor

There are actually 3 different versions of the medal of honor. One is for members of the U.S. Army, another is for the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, and the last one is for the U.S. Air Force. All 3 versions are on display in this room along with other medals that have been earned by members of the armed forces. There is also a section that explains the requirements for being awarded the medal.

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MKT Railroad Museum
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