How To Pressure Wash Siding

“How To Pressure Wash Siding”

If you want clean exteriors for you home, there is no other more effective and efficient way to do it than pressure washing. Pressure washing uses high speed water jets which can easily penetrate the surfaces of wood, vinyl or aluminum sidings. Even if your house is located at the remotest part of the town, it must have sidings which may get very dirty being exposed to natural elements. For cleaning larger houses, a pressure washing can be the perfect approach. Using a pressure washer, you can easily reach the sidings of the second story without requiring any ladders or scaffolds.

Precautions to be taken before doing a Pressure Wash

• There shouldn’t be any obstacle in the site that might accidentally cause a tripping hazard or somehow get your hose tangled.

• Cover all the nearby plants which may be affected by the high pressure water stream.

• Put a cover on the light fixtures and such other electrical components.

• Make sure that the windows and doors are all closed.

Tips for Pressure Washing the Sidings

You don’t want any sort of streaking from your sidings. To avoid streaks, cleaning solutions should be sprayed from the bottom and along the sections which can be identified. The solutions should be permitted to work from 5-10 minutes. However, it should not be allowed to dry completely. A rotating scrub brush can be used as an attachment for scouring the area of your siding which is covered with heavy soil or mud.

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