Afton Oaks

Afton Oaks is a small but vibrant community in Houston. It’s located close to downtown, has great schools, and is an easy commute to work or school.

The hurly-burly of city life is found in Afton Oaks, an urban neighborhood located near downtown Houston. Based on population density, this area has much more going on than most other parts of cities, with its shops catering to every taste as well as diverse restaurants, including some that offer interesting flavors from all over the world.

The median real estate price in the Afton Oaks neighborhood is $1,127,085, which makes it more costly than 99% of neighborhoods across Texas and 96 percent nationwide.

In the Afton Oaks neighborhood, you can find homes that are currently renting for an average price of $2,016. This is more expensive than 77.5 percent of neighborhoods across Texas.

The Afton Oaks neighborhood is a beautiful community to live in with its large selection of homes. There are mostly four- or more-bedroom properties, but there are also some two-bedroom apartments for those who don’t want the obligation that comes along with having an entire house all their own.

The housing stock in Afton Oaks is largely made up of newer, more modern homes. Many residents own their properties, and many live there with only one family per residence – providing plenty for neighbors to interact with.

The resale value of a home is highest in the newer, more expensive neighborhoods. The newest homes have some advantages over older ones: they’re likely to be well-maintained and close to amenities such as grocery stores or schools – which means you’ll spend less time driving your kids back from school once dismissal has begun.

Those who reside in Afton Oaks recognize that they are living amongst some of the wealthiest individuals in America. With an average household income greater than $200k per year, it’s no surprise why nearly 85% (assured against neighborhoods nationwide) sent their kids off to private schools when faced with subpar public education options near them.

The Afton Oaks neighborhood is among the wealthiest communities across the U.S. The residents here drive luxury cars, live comfortably off their investments, and enjoy a high-quality life that tends not to change over time, unlike other neighborhoods where increasing property values cause envy from others nearby who want what they have realized can be accomplished with hard work at maintaining homes value but also prefer keeping up appearances by driving new vehicles on regularly maintained roads rather than old ones since these tend not just cost less nowadays, either way, you look into them.

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