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Clean your house using Crosby Power and Pressure Washing Services!

Cleaning a house can be a tedious task, especially if over the time dirt and such particles have built up on the surface of walls, floor, siding or driveway. Power and pressure washing uses the technique of directing water at a certain pressure to wash off impurities and dirt from the surface to achieve a cleaner and neater looking surface. In addition to this, it can also wash away particles and substances like pollution oxidants, layers of paint and chewing gum etc.

Maintenance of a house can be extremely difficult, but fortunately, there are machines and experts who can do it for you now. Cleaning a house on the larger scale i.e. cleaning walls, driveways, sidings, flooring, tiles etc. almost seems impossible. Imagine being able to achieve that in a professional way, and having your house so clean that it shows you your own reflection.

Crosby Power washing and pressure washing uses high quality machinery and the pressure setting ranges from around 1000psi 10,000psi for house cleaning purposes. The power washing method is so strong that it can wash away layers of paint, but keeping that in mind, it doesn’t cause damage to your house. To ensure that it doesn’t do any damage, the right type, quantity and quality of chemicals and detergents need to be used. This is determined and decided by our team of experts who have vast knowledge about power and pressure washing.

The services we offer are of professional level and the prices we offer are affordable. Our team will make sure that no damage is done to surrounding property such as plants and flower beds. Our power and pressure washing services façade brick, stucco, stone, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, wood siding, driveway, tiles and all kinds of flooring. It can remove sticky substances as well like rubber, and give you a clear and clean surface.

If you are thinking of getting a new paint job, you can use power and pressure washing surfaces to completely remove the previous layer of paint which can often be a difficult task to do. Another question that often arises in the mind of many customers is whether power and pressure washing will damage their house but we give you the assurance that our team will use correct power washing techniques to give you 100% results.

As far as the chemicals used are concerned, for normal house power and pressure washing, we use a professionally mixed soap and sodium hypochlorite blend. The concentration is the key with this, and so our experts will know in what amounts they should mix the chemicals.

Power and pressure washing can also be used to clean decks. It will help reduce wear and tear, and make it look sparkling new. Our rates vary depending upon the desired pressure, chemicals used and the amount of surfaces that need to be cleaned. If you want your house to sparkle and look as clean as new, you can avail our outstanding power and pressure washing services.

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