Clear Lake Power Washing and Pressure Washing Services

clear lake pressure washing

Achieve a sparkling house using Clear Lake Power and Pressure Washing Services!

Are you tired of your house looking worn out and unclean? No matter how many times you try to clean it; it still looks the same. Do you want to achieve a new-looking, sparkling house? Do you want to revive your house’s old condition and have it looking clean and new? We know how tiresome it can be to just clean the inside of the house, and so when it comes to cleaning the outer surface it becomes even more difficult and unachievable.

Fortunately, we have the solution to all your worries. Power washing uses the process of directing water at high pressure to clean all kinds of stubborn impurities and dirt from the outer surface of the house i.e. the walls of the house etc. It might sound too good to be true, but power washing and pressure washing can remove even the stickiest of particles. It can even remove layers of paint, sealants and membranes. If you have kids running around the house, they may stick glue or chewing gum to the walls of the house, which can be cleaned using power and pressure washing in a matter of seconds. It’s no less than magic!

Pressure washing consists of different ranges of pressure ranging from 1000psi to 11000psi generally categorized as Low Pressure Power Washing and High Pressure Power Washing respectively. You can choose a pressure range which suits your cleaning requirement, and even then if you are unable to choose then our team of professionals can help you choose the correct range. We have a team of experts who know how to do their job, and will give you satisfactory services without a doubt.

Home maintenance holds immense importance, and the look of your home can often times be ruined due to pollution, graffiti etc. For someone who has invested their time as well as their money in building a home, keeping it clean becomes equally important. This is where we step in to help you and offer you our top notch services.

We use high quality machinery, and have a team of highly qualified professionals who will offer prompt, satisfactory and guaranteed results. We use the right type and right amount of chemicals and detergents to clean your house. This guarantees that no damage will be done to your house, and our top priority will be preserving a fresh and clean look for your house.

In addition to that, you can use our power washing and pressure washing services to have your decks, floor, siding and driveways cleaned for you. We will send over a team of cleaning technicians who will first take a detailed assessment of your house and whatever parts that need to be cleaned, suggest the desired pressure for cleaning and then choose the right detergents for the cleaning purposes. So what are you waiting for? A whole new clean version of your house is just a click away!


Why Clear Lake Pressure Washing?

  • Uniformed Staff Managed By a Veteran!
  • We Use Revolutionary Techniques
  • Pressure Washing is our only Specialty, therefore we are the Professionals Choice!
  • We Match Other Bids as long as you show us the bid you received